Find an Ideal Yacht Charter by Booking Rum Rover Sailing Yacht in the Virgin Islands

No doubt about it, sailing in the crystal clear Caribbean waters of the Virgin Islands is one of the most memorable experiences anyone can take in, regardless of where you are from on planet earth.

People from all walks of like take advantage of this glorious sailing adventure. Yet it makes sense to book a Catamaran rather than a ‘mono’hull sailboat for many reasons.

One of the chief advantages of sailing on a Catamaran is that the “Cats” tend to be far roomier. Lots of real estate topside and down below. And because of the configuration of a Catamaran, it’s more like hanging out in a Livingroom that opens out to a nice waterfront deck or balcony. Must better than having to convince Aunt Hilda to attempt to navigate herself down to the bowels of a skinny conventional sailboat. Therefore Catamaran sailing is far preferable for a much wider audience then monohull sailboats.

And of course one cannot do much better than sailing the Virgin Islands. Whether you do some island hopping, booze-cruise, snorkeling or Scuba diving or just chill out, it’s a vacation you will tell you grandkids about for years to come.

And Rum River Yacht Charters is always a great choice. Rum Rover is a newer-style 40 foot Catamaran and has all the amenities you would expect from a luxury yacht of its caliber. And the captain and crew are extremely knowledgeable about the waters of the Virgin Islands, local folklore and sailing overall.

Oh and depending upon how you book Rum Rover Sailing Yacht (day sailing, sunset cruise or charter for several days including overnight) the food being served on Rum Rover is as good as any fine dining restaurant anywhere in the world.

Be sure to book soon however as Rum Rover is quite popular among those people who know Virgin Islands sailing. Check out the website at: and go have a vacation of a lifetime…




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